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How does it work?



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Choose your blood test offers more than 250 different kind of laboratory tests. We have already filtered these for you in some easy to find categories. also has a search bar so you can search for specific blood values yourself. When you order a test, please follow the steps we prescribe, they are easy to follow. 

Receive your test Set

After you have ordered a laboratory test at you will receive your blood collection set the very next working day by postmail. This envelop fits in every mailbox, so you don’t have to stay home in order to receive it.

With this blood collection set you can go to one of the venipuncture points in your region for blood collection. You will receive the necessary material for your test(s), together with a letter that explains that the blood test must be send by mail and the (pre-paid) shipping material (according to the legal guidelines), for a correct return to the laboratory. 

Blood collection in your region

You will receive a letter for the relevant lab technician and the opening hours of the blooddrawing station by mail. If you like a different blooddrawing station than we have suggested, you can mail or call the appointment desk (085-065 37 47) for another more convenient address. has over 800 blooddrawing stations throughout the Netherlands and you can always get blood tests within 10 km from your home and / or work. The blood tests are always taken by professionals.

Ship your blood

You must send the envelope with the tubes, the very same day, just in time PostNL picks up their transports (normally at 17hrs). It is best to deliver the envelope at a PostNL pick up location (at the grocery store). Instore pick up locations are not due to outside temperature changes of summer/winter. Please store your blood tests until time of shipment to room temparature and urine tests in the refrdgerator. 

At last: please do NOT send by mail on Friday, because the test will be too long on transport. 

Receive your results within 1 week

You will receive the results of (almost) all laboratory tests within 1 week. These results will be sent to you via e-mail in a PDF file.

In the event of an extremely low or high outcome of a test, for which immediate medical treatment is desirable, you will be contacted for consultation prior the receipt of the result. Other deviating values are indicated with an “arrow up” for the result for a high value and / or a “arrow down” for a low value. A urine and / or blood test remains a instananeous moment, sometimes it is better to repeat the tests, which are receptive to improvements, after a month. In case of medical complaints, you should always consult your (family) doctor.

Improve your health

As soon as you have received and read the results you surily want to ensure that your health is optimal or can be optimized. It remains important that your blood values are optimal.

We offer a wide range of after care outside the laboratory tests. We have access to: specialists, doctors, hormone coaches, sports coaches, nutrition coaches and more.

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Anonymous? never passes your results to your insurer or doctor. You receive the blood tubes at the address you provided only, they are provided with only a barcode that communicates with your research, but it is not possible to see what will be be tested other than by the lab system itself. The result will only be sent to the e-mail address you provided. You can also order the test under a different name, but please do not change your date of birth, the results will be related to your gender and age.

Shopping cart

Always enter your date of birth and gender, this is necessary because the reference values of the results depend on it. Plesae also note your telephone number so we can call you in case of very different results.

Select at "land":

NL kosten bloedafname op prikpost: On your order the "shipping costs" of € 19.90 will be charged. This concerns the total order costs for; shipping blood collection set with the pre-stuck tubes, blood collection by authorized staff, prepaid envelope for sending the blood to the lab, reporting and explanation, BTW (VAT) included.

- NL bloedprikken aan huis: for a professional at your home, at your company or at the gym € 58.50

- NL verzendkosten geen bloedafname: If you only request urine or faeces, or you can take care of the blood collection yourself, you can choose for this option. You then pay € 7.30 for the shipments. You can select this option at 'country' when placing the order.

Do not order for several people at once

You can not order for multiple persons at the same time in one order, the reporting that is made depends on gender and age and is always personal. If you want to buy a test for several people, you will have to pay multiple times. Of course, blood collection costs must also be paid per person.

E-health dashboard

You can also import your result in InsideTracker

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